Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 5.17.47 PMExperience on City Council

Daines was elected to Logan City’s Municipal Council in 2009, and is currently Council Chair. She has served on many city committees and boards including the Library, Economic Development, Parks & Recreation, Water & Sewer, Light & Power, and Renewable Energy. She also serves on the boards of the Downtown Alliance, Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization (CMPO), County Trails Committee, and has served on the CacheArts Board of Trustees.


Knowledge of Budget Process 

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As part of the annual budget process, Daines carefully reviewed the budgets of all City departments and Enterprise Funds. She helped prioritize the Capital Projects budget and currently serves on the Audit Committee, which reviews all quarterly financial reports and meets annually with outside auditors to review the Comprehensive Annual                                                               Financial Report (CAFR). Click here to see report.


Champion for Local Trails

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Daines led efforts to increase funding to connect and expand Logan’s trail network and provide trail signage and maps. She served on the Parks & Recreation Board and is currently on the County Trails Committee. Click here to see a map of Logan’s trail systems.


Proponent for Improving Transportation

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 9.17.25 PMDaines advocates for additional stoplights to deal with increasing traffic in Logan City. She participated in the Transportation Master Plan and supports an update based on data from problem intersections. As our city expands and travel patterns shift, we need to reprioritize our capital project list. Daines has also championed more sidewalks, curb and gutter, and pedestrian improvements to strengthen neighborhoods. She has also worked with UDOT on South Main and provided input on the 400 North Corridor Plan, One-Way Couplet Study and the study for SR30 (Valley View Highway) widening project. Click here to see the master plan.


Understands City Infrastructure

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Daines helped review and approve master plans for Drinking Water, Stormwater, and Municipal Wastewater. All three are important to Logan’s future and will require careful planning and management of resources to achieve the goals outlined in the respective plans. She is familiar with the plans and committed to allocating resources to move them forward.