1. Be Fiscally Responsible

  • Be prudent with tax dollars
  • Maintain city’s strong financial position
  • Prioritize investment in infrastructure

2. Address Issues of Growth

  • Work with Planning Commission, citizens and staff to strengthen core neighborhoods, better define Town Center development and address parking issues near the campus residential zone.
  • One of our biggest challenges will be how we manage growth. Logan’s current population is about 50,000. That number is projected to grow to 117,717 by 2060.

3. Focus on Transportation, including Main Street

  • Main Street is a state road controlled by Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT). Logan City must partner with UDOT to create workable long-term solutions to Main Street traffic problems. Initiate Phase II of the One-Way Couplet Study.
  • On other city streets, we must update data to prioritize and install needed stoplights within budget constraints. For example, a simple stoplight costs $250,000. A stoplight at a railroad crossing costs $2 million. A roundabout costs about $500,000.

4. Economic Development

  • Continue to partner with the Chamber of Commerce to attract new businesses to Logan, including targeted support of site-selectors for mid-sized companies, particularly those focused on the technology sector.

5. Streamlining Government

  • I understand every city department and will make sure they work effectively for our citizens
  • Manage the city’s excellent staff to build on the tradition of customer-friendly service, including:
    • Wonderful parks and trails
    • Professional police and fire protection
    • Orderly trash and recycling collection, landfill services
    • Excellent street maintenance, both summer and winter
    • Reliable and reasonably priced power
    • Assistance with planning and zoning
    • Proactive maintenance of sewer lines,
    • Efficient waste water treatment
    • Quality drinking water, and the infrastructure to store and deliver as needed

6. Support a Vibrant Downtown

  • Continue efforts to further beautify city “gateways” and our historic downtown.