Sep 27: Boulevard & Dugway Trail

  The Boulevard Trail and the Dugway, with a new sidewalk and pedestrian crossing, are new trail and safety initiatives the city has been developing the last few years to keep Logan citizens both healthy and safe. As Mayor, I'll continue making sensible investments that connect our neighborhoods and promote pedestrian safety.

Aug 8: “Daines will employ measured approach”

To the editor: ... I have attended many of Logan’s council meetings. I have observed Councilwoman Daines come prepared to provide meaningful contributions to the council’s deliberations. I have witnessed Councilwoman Daines collaborate with Logan’s citizens, co-council members and personnel from the various executive departments during the council’s deliberations and weigh their input before casting … Continue reading Aug 8: “Daines will employ measured approach”

Aug 5: “Holly Daines Would Make A Great Mayor”

To the editor: I’m really impressed with Holly Daines, mayorial candidate. I’ve attended City Council meetings since October 2016 and like the way she gathers information, shares that information, seeks public input, and keeps options open. Attending City Council meetings have shown me how city decisions really are team efforts, not just the mayor’s decisions. … Continue reading Aug 5: “Holly Daines Would Make A Great Mayor”